ESAOTE is one of the leading manufacturers of diagnostic medical systems and is internationally recognized as the world's leading dedicated MRI equipment.


The innovative design of MyLabOne brings the ultrasound to the patient's head. By comfortably and securely attaching the equipment to the arm, the user can handle any condition they need to do, even the most critical.


MyLabGamma offers high-quality imaging and rapid and accurate diagnosis at the patient's head, in ATI sections, in operating rooms as well as in any other situation.


MyLabOmega has been designed to deliver top performance in a system with reduced size and weight. Custom settings and multiple features can be organized according to clinical practice and preferences and easily accessed with a single button.

MyLabAlpha eHD CrystaLine

MyLabAlpha eHD CrystaLine offers the top features and performance of stationary systems (Strain 4D, Elaxto) in order to facilitate a uncompromised diagnosis in all clinical applications.

B. stationary ultrasounds

ESAOTE is one of the leading manufacturers of diagnostic medical systems and is internationally recognized as the world's leading dedicated MRI equipment.


Benefiting from unique ergonomics, MyLabX5 provides the user with a great deal of comfort by setting specific to each clinical application.
"Single click" technology helps in a fast ultrasound evaluation, and high image quality allows accurate and reliable diagnosis.


MyLabX6 offers a highly efficient workflow, contributing to high productivity and a precision diagnosis.
The 21.5 "HD IPS LED monitor delivers exceptional image quality and a high level of detail.


MyLabX7 benefits from advanced technologies that help the user to maximize ultrasound scanning in the most advanced procedures.
Includes advanced and innovative technologies such as ElaXto, MicroV, XStrain4D, XStic, which allow users to use ultrasonography with confidence in a wide range of clinical applications.


MyLabEight is a high-performance ultrasound designed to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of modern medical action: exceptional quality image, precise diagnosis for difficult-to-read patients, complete solutions for the most demanding clinical applications, advanced research.

MyLabEight eXP

MyLabEight eXP is a high performance ultrasound designed to deliver the best cost / performance ratio along with the most advanced diagnostic technologies: contrast imaging, elastography, shearwave elastography, fusion imaging, etc.


Designed to provide ultrasonographic solutions of the highest quality to hospitals and clinics as well as to private medical centers, MyLab9 offers a flexible, upgraded, multi-choice system according to the desired clinical application.
MyLab9 delivers unprecedented power and precision for a reliable diagnosis under an excellent cost-performance ratio.

MyLab9 eXP

The new ultrasound system from ESAOTE has been designed to top the full range of clinical applications that benefit from ultrasound diagnosis. It provides unique viewing technologies and increased sensitivity, all with the aim of supporting a precise diagnosis and an informed clinical decision.