Qfix Patient Positioning is the world leader in positioning and immobilizing the patient in radiotherapy. Inventors of the most recognized brand of thermoplastic masks, Aquaplast RT, the company continued to innovate with the most resistant thermoplastic masks on the market, Fibreplast. Qfix is recognized for superior quality thermoplastics and revolutionary patient positioning equipment. The Qfix portfolio covers all treatment options and all patient positioning needs.


The Qfix equipment, which DTL MEDICAL distributes in Romania and Bulgaria, offers functional solutions for radiotherapy (simulation, couch tops, thermoplastic, SRS / SRT, breast and lung positioning, pelvis and extremities and related accessories), MR solutions radiotherapy and treatment environments - the Qfix Image & Treat Positioning ™ line) and the latest innovation, the Symphony ™ patient transport system that simplifies patient transport and relieves it easily between various treatment environments.


Specializing in lasers used for virtual simulation and patient positioning in radiotherapy, the leaders of the French market, A2J has quickly become a player in the international medical market due to its export distribution network. Since 2013, A2J has been selling its lasers for virtual simulation and patient positioning as a distinctive mark within the LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen group.


The perfect combination for radiotherapy marking and positioning, the new generation of redesigned laser systems convinces with state-of-the-art technology in a modern design.

LAP is the ideal partner.

Modern radiotherapy places high requirements for patient alignment: precise patient positioning to prevent healthy tissue from being unnecessarily exposed to radiation, reproduction of patient positioning to achieve maximum impact through focused therapy, rapid patient positioning, to make laser alignment more efficient.

C. R1 & R2

Water-Jel Technologies, the company that developed and produced R1 and R2, is world-renowned as expert on wound care.


The Refreshment Gel R1 is the first step in the full R1 & R2 treatment. Refreshes, reduces pain, moisturizes and stabilizes skin temperature. Immediately after application, R1 provides moisturizing and helps reduce inflammation. R1 contains LACTOKINA, which together with other lactic proteins contain milk-derived cytokines that detect damaged cells, providing nutrients that stimulate natural regeneration of cells and at the same time minimize inflammation.


The soothing lotion R2 is the second step of the full R1 & R2 treatment.
Revitalizes, strengthens and strengthens the natural defense methods of the skin,
accelerating its regeneration. R2 repairs, hydrates and revitalizes damaged skin by radiotherapy and protects by reducing the risk of sun exposure reactions.


Sun Nuclear is the world leader in QA & Dosimetry solutions for Radiation Oncology.

Improved results through technology.

Improved results through technology - Benefits of a cylindrical design.

ArcCheck & 3DVH - Reference for 3D VMAT QA

The most selected set of 4D independent measurements in the world. Simply connect the unique cable that provides both power and data and start measuring. There are no background measurements, no heating, no separate inclinometers, no additional routers for the hardware. It's so simple and powerful.

End-to-End Stereotactic Commissioning & QA

StereoPHAN insertions and configurations are quickly changed without tools or configuration changes. It's so simple and powerful. SRS MapCheck - SRS Patient QA, No Movie.